Wednesday, 28 June 2017


It was always about the music for The Last Kinection. TLK, with Naomi 'Nay', Joel 'Weno' Wenitong and DJ Jaytee (aka Jayteehazard), released their debut album Nutches back in 2008 (reissued by ET in '12). It's named after their beloved grandmother, the last elder of their clan (the Kabi Kabi mob of south-east Queensland).

From Shakaya and Local Knowledge roots, Nutches gave the band the freedom to say what they needed to say. "It sucks talking about things that make you uncomfortable, but if we can’t talk about this through our music, what are we doing man?" says Nay. "When we first started, we didn’t want it to be about us at all - it was about doing the songs and lyrics and changing attitudes in this country."

9 years on, the stories haven’t lost one bit of their fiery truth. Although Nay half-jokingly says she wants this country to give her something else to write about, she embraces the voice her and the band have. 
“Perhaps being Aboriginal and a songwriter, the whole point is you keep smashing that door until it opens - keep saying the same thing in a billion different ways. You gotta believe you can change some shit.” 

This record struck us back then and listening to it now reminds us of everything we love about TLK -  lyric-driven and empowering hip hop that welcomes as much as it commands. Such a deadly trio.

We're celebrating 9 years of 'Nutches' with a special sale - half price on marked TLK albums from now until midnight Friday (30.6.17) via our website.


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