Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Weekly Zug Zug: Mirrah ' We Wanna Know' ft. L-FRESH The LION

The beautifully exuberant and insanely talented Mirrah just dropped her debut EP titled Life and we're so stoked to be able to share a bit of it with you! 

In just five RnB, soul, jazz and hip hop inspired tracks, Mirrah paints a vivid snapshot of what it means to be a modern day poet - her passionate and inspiriting vocal finesse leads a strong troupe of artists to deliver heartfelt stories of desires and frustrations. 

The single 'We Wanna Know' featuring L-FRESH The LION is our Zug Zug this week. This fiery anthem, which questions the origins of hate and discrimination, is nothing short of a thought-provoking and rhythmic storm.

Mirrah's EP Life is now available via iTunes or you can grab your hard copy via her website.

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