Monday, 10 October 2016

Weekly Zug Zug: Birdz ' Black Lives Matter'

With injustices to the black community ignited by the current tensions in the US and home, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to be pertinent.

NT's Birdz' latest song 'Black Lives Matter' says it all and is why it's our Zug Zug this week. The live news samples, punchy beat and on point lyrics combine to relentlessly deliver the core message of the track: "Now we say black lives matter but shit, the fact of matter is, we just black matter to them, this shit keep happening".

Birdz writes on his socials:" When I say 'Black Lives Matter' it's in response to countless Aboriginal people being abused and murdered by police... it's in response to a 14 year old boy being murdered by a White man subsequently charged with manslaughter. It's in response to the blatant lack of value and respect shown for Black life in this country - known to be the lucky for some, Australia since 1788. 

"When you respond hastily with 'All Lives Matter' you're explicitly choosing to ignore the above and Australia's legacy of genocide. You're complicit in dismissing the murder of Aboriginal people. Your efforts to try and derail my path are futile - miss me with the bullshit."

'Black Lives Matter' follows Birdz acclaimed release Rise ft. Jimblah ( Joelistics).

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